Standing Out From The Competition

Are you looking for ways to make your product stand out above the competition?  When shelves are lined with millions of products all claiming that they are better than the product sitting next to it what is it that helps you decide which one to choose?  A products label helps market your product at the exact moment, the point of sale, sell your product.

Labeling is one tool that manufacturers use to help bring awareness to products within your brand.  The label offers basic information such as the company name, business or product logo, information that is required by law and other important materials that are deemed important.  A truly effective label will catch consumer’s attention by standing out amongst its competition.  We have listed a number of tips below to help manufacturers design a custom product label that is truly successful.

Color is crucial when designing a product label.  The colors that are chosen for your label should reflect on your company goals while standing out without being too loud or distracting.  You may be thinking, “Whoa!” that’s a lot to ask out of the colors in your label.  Think about it though if the brand and company image is one of environmentally friendliness it’s natural to consider colors such as greens, browns and yellows.  If your brand commands authority consider choosing blues and red.

When choosing a font for your labels avoid the overused fonts such as Times New Roman or Papyrus.  Go for a font that is creative and reflects the unique characteristics that your product offers.  The font choice should reflect the personality of the brand while accentuating the product that is being sold.

One more think about font choice; be sure the font that you choose is easy to read.  If your label can’t be read at first glance most consumers won’t offer it a second chance.  Make sure that when choosing font you pick one or two compatible fonts that are easy on the eyes!

Using images is another way that label designers can make a products label stand out.  Graphic images are used to be eye catching and to draw attention away from the competition.  The images that are chosen should complement the text while avoiding distraction.  The image used should also make sense with your brand and product.

The type of material that is used in creating a label for your product needs to work with the overall design of the label.  There are a number of materials and types of labels to choose from including: cut & stack, pressure sensitive, roll-fed, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging.  Before moving too far into the design processes consider the best label material for your product.

With every decision in your business there are a million and one directions that you can turn.  A number of components working together can make any product successful and the opposite is true.  Make sure the components used to create your products label work together to ensure product success!

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The Right Way To Do Product Labeling

One of the most commanding tools in marketing is the one that provides you an opportunity to increase sales, the product label.  If the label is unsuccessful then manufacturers have wasted a valuable marketing opportunity.  With the number of products lining the shelves throughout the marketplace there are only seconds for a product to catch the attention of consumers.

Creating a label that can give buyers all the information that they need within seconds is as important as catching their attention visually.  Labels must have both visual appeal and information for both types of consumers.  Graphic artists and label designers have their work cut out for them to effectively create a label that catches consumer’s attention while communicating valuable information about your product.

Product Labeling Done Right

Color:   Attention is grabbed quicker from color than from any words ever could.  In order to create and maintain product consistency choose a few colors to represent your brand and use them for labeling your product lines.  The same collection of colors should be used throughout labeling, marketing, promotional materials, catalogs and websites.  Without even one word being spoken consumers will know what brand is behind the product.

Food products need to take into consideration the flavor of the product.  Colors create imagery in consumers’ minds.  The color purple, for instance, reminds people of grapes and grape flavoring.   Red coloring is used when representing strawberries, apples and/or watermelon.

Imaging:  Just like color, images are used to portray certain messages faster than any text ever could.  Graphic images are appealing to consumer senses and is far more attention grabbing then the written word.  Designers creating custom labels should have a deep understanding between the balance of color, imagery and text.  Too much of any one good thing can lead to a great deal of disorder.

Font: The food and drug administration mandates certain product information be on product labeling. It is important that this information is written in a font that is easy to read.  Another typeface may be used on the product label.  It is best to stick with two font types on the label unless your logo uses unique font type.

For the best representation of your product use a typeface on the products label that represents your brand.  After you have chosen the typeface the next determination that needs to be made is the size of the font.  Consider the overall size of the label as well.  If you find that the text is not legible try to lessen the number of words or the size of the font.

Make sure that your label includes much needed information such as the company and/or product name, contact information, and information that is mandate by the FDA.  By taking this into consideration when designing your company’s label you should be well on your way to selling your product.

At Anchor Printing, we take pride in offering our clients cut & stack labeling, pressure sensitive labels, roll-fed labeling, shrink sleeves as well as flexible packaging options. Contact us today at for all of your product label design, printing and packaging needs.