Shrink Sleeve Labeling Advantages

There are so many advantages that manufacturers have when looking at shrink sleeves for labeling.  Shrink sleeves are great for marketing purposes because they offer a three hundred and sixty degree surface for self promotion.  They are also popular due to the visual appeal they offer when shelved next to competing products.  Recent technology has not only updated the quality of film used in shrink sleeves but has also helped simplified manufacturing.

Main Advantages With Shrink Sleeve Labeling

Brand Distinctiveness

There are several characteristics of shrink sleeve labeling that make it superior over other labeling options.  One such difference is that it offers a cost effective method to decorate even the most complicated containers.  Along with offering these unique opportunities at differentiating your brand shrink sleeves eliminate the need for colored or thick walled containers which leads to extra cost savings for manufacturers. Cost savings along with an increase in promotional space makes labeling products with shrink sleeves a no brainer.

Full body labeling gives graphic designers, three hundred and sixty degrees to cover with eye catching designs and product information.  Conventional labeling methods make it more difficult to include all the needed information that food and pharmaceutical companies are required to include.  The extra space that shrink sleeves give manufacturers the ability to maintain regulatory standards while graphic designers have space to reach customers with unique graphics, logos and more.

Tamper Resistance

Consumers purchase based on emotions.  This is another main advantage that shrink sleeve labeling has over more traditional methods of labeling such as cut and stack labels.  Shrink sleeves allow consumers peace of mind with labels that are tamper proof.  Unlike other products, packagings that uses shrink sleeve labeling have a three hundred and sixty degree wrap that secures the product.  This is especially important for beverages, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.   Safety is super important to consumers when making a purchase and shrink sleeves allow them to feel that.

Speaking of consumer emotions it is important that a label is designed with their target market in mind.  Shrink sleeves are ideal for consumers looking for product safety.  They are also great for consumers looking for the maximum amount of product information as well.  Shrink sleeves offer space for company and product information that appeal has an effect on consumers looking for reassurance of the company’s reputation. For consumers that purchase based on visual appeal shrink sleeves have them covered as well.

Designers custom design shrink sleeves to offer visual appeal and so much more all while letting the label do what it does naturally which is to protect the product from being tampered with.

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Creating Custom Packaging and Labeling For New Products

Are you getting ready to create a new package for your company’s product?  You may be questioning just how important the roll of packaging and labeling is in selling the product itself.   The truth is that label design and product packagings are vital elements in marketing and thus should carry some major weight in the process on a whole. The visual nature of your product plays a major role in the success or failure of your company’s product.


The main function of a products labeling and packaging is to guard your product against damage.  Products need to be protected from damage during shipping from the manufacturer to the reseller’s location as well as while it is on display for sale.  All products have some form of packaging.  Chips may come in a package such as a bag for resale but for shipping will be packaged in a box for transit that will never be seen by the public.


A product that is packaged and labeled attracts consumers while surrounded by the competition.  Manufacturing companies spend a lot of time and money researching how different colors, designs, and materials function together to appeal to the target market.  Some types of products, like pharmaceuticals, beverages and chemicals consider shrink sleeves to be the most valuable material for label because it is tamper resistant.  The shrink sleeve labeling makes it appear safer and more reliable to consumers.


The manner in which your product is packaged and labeled is vital for giving consumers valuable information about your product, company and brand.  The label offers a distinct visual, graphic appeal as well as information on ingredients and product use.


Your products label and package designs differentiate products from one another. The label makes your brand and product recognizable.  Companies find that by using the same color scheme throughout their product lines makes them more recognizable when surrounded by the competition.  If a shopper can easily spot a product from your brand line they will chose what is familiar.

The label needs to offer enough information to satisfy consumers need while being visually stimulating.  The type of label material is important in consumer’s perceptions as mentioned earlier.  Perception is everything.  Products and brands based on the theory of preserving the environment work with product labels that foster that same concept.  Companies looking to ensure the safety of their product should opt for the tamper resistance of shrink sleeves or flexible packaging.

Consumer buying decisions are often made quite impulsively.  With this in mind it is essential that the label and packaging designers create an impact on the immediate buying decisions of customers.

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The Right Way To Do Product Labeling

One of the most commanding tools in marketing is the one that provides you an opportunity to increase sales, the product label.  If the label is unsuccessful then manufacturers have wasted a valuable marketing opportunity.  With the number of products lining the shelves throughout the marketplace there are only seconds for a product to catch the attention of consumers.

Creating a label that can give buyers all the information that they need within seconds is as important as catching their attention visually.  Labels must have both visual appeal and information for both types of consumers.  Graphic artists and label designers have their work cut out for them to effectively create a label that catches consumer’s attention while communicating valuable information about your product.

Product Labeling Done Right

Color:   Attention is grabbed quicker from color than from any words ever could.  In order to create and maintain product consistency choose a few colors to represent your brand and use them for labeling your product lines.  The same collection of colors should be used throughout labeling, marketing, promotional materials, catalogs and websites.  Without even one word being spoken consumers will know what brand is behind the product.

Food products need to take into consideration the flavor of the product.  Colors create imagery in consumers’ minds.  The color purple, for instance, reminds people of grapes and grape flavoring.   Red coloring is used when representing strawberries, apples and/or watermelon.

Imaging:  Just like color, images are used to portray certain messages faster than any text ever could.  Graphic images are appealing to consumer senses and is far more attention grabbing then the written word.  Designers creating custom labels should have a deep understanding between the balance of color, imagery and text.  Too much of any one good thing can lead to a great deal of disorder.

Font: The food and drug administration mandates certain product information be on product labeling. It is important that this information is written in a font that is easy to read.  Another typeface may be used on the product label.  It is best to stick with two font types on the label unless your logo uses unique font type.

For the best representation of your product use a typeface on the products label that represents your brand.  After you have chosen the typeface the next determination that needs to be made is the size of the font.  Consider the overall size of the label as well.  If you find that the text is not legible try to lessen the number of words or the size of the font.

Make sure that your label includes much needed information such as the company and/or product name, contact information, and information that is mandate by the FDA.  By taking this into consideration when designing your company’s label you should be well on your way to selling your product.

At Anchor Printing, we take pride in offering our clients cut & stack labeling, pressure sensitive labels, roll-fed labeling, shrink sleeves as well as flexible packaging options. Contact us today at for all of your product label design, printing and packaging needs.