Protein foods feeding flexible packaging growth

A new study on Meat, Poultry & Seafood Packaging shows that this ~$11bn market is driven by prepared foods, items in smaller and more convenient sizes and packaging formats that make food preparation easier and faster.


When it comes to the packaging market for meat, poultry and seafood that’s growing at 3.8% annually, growth in flexibles (expanding at 4+%) including barrier films is outpacing rigid packaging. Flex-pack advantages center on lighter weight, reduced material use and the marketing benefit of larger billboard space.

“The prevalence of case-ready meats, which use modified atmosphere packaging and vacuum packaging, will drive gains for barrier films,” says Freedonia Group analyst Esther Palevsky. She expects vacuum pouches to see expanded usage with fresh, frozen, and processed items, while stand-up pouches will make further inroads into folding carton applications.

The study, Meat, Poultry & Seafood Packaging, projects that demand will increase 3.8% annually to reach nearly $11 billion in 2019.  Underlying trends driving the market include increases in population, growth in foodservice and additional export opportunities. In addition, demand will be supported by continued solid prospects for prepared foods, items in smaller and more convenient sizes, and packaging formats that make food preparation easier and faster.

Maturity in rigid formats including folding cartons and metal cans will continue, along with competitive pressure versus flexible packaging alternatives. Plastic containers will see the fastest growth among rigid packaging, though they, too, will face increased competition from lower-cost flexibles such as windowed bags and handled pouches for prepared foods.

One rigid format—in fact the largest rigid segment—is seeing growth: Corrugated boxes, which will benefit from continuing requirements for shippers, the adaption of  higher-value moisture-resistant boxes and/or modular boxes for case-ready meats.

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Benefits of Widely Used Flexible Packaging

Package and label development are all important aspect within the marketing mix.  Flexible packaging has become widely used in various industries because of the many benefits it offers.  To help your business succeed consider the various designs and patterns available when using flexible packaging to enclose and label your product.

Flexible packaging is not only a choice for food and beverage companies but also finding a niche in industries such as chemicals, laundry detergents and more.

Flexible Packaging Benefits

Customization – One of the biggest benefits in using flexible packaging is how customizable they are.  It is easy to meet the needs and demands of consumers when manufactures choose to use flexible packaging because of how easy it is to customize.  Demands of a variety of products can be met because the material in which flexible packages are made from is easily manipulated to fit a variety of different shape and sized products.  Manufactures can get the packages dyed or cut into shapes that are the most appealing to their customers.

Creativity – When it comes to marketing your product creativity is a key element in getting your brand and product to stand out from the competition.  Packaging pouches, a standard example of flexible packaging are directly printed on and offer a variety of design options that offer numerous benefits to both manufactures and consumers.

Durability – Not only do flexible packages offer the ability to be creative but they are also one of the most durable materials available to use in packaging.  When used appropriately it can increase the lifespan of your product making the product stay fresh longer.  Outside elements are protected from using a combination of aluminum, high grade plastic or both.  Printed pouch manufacturers are required to use the best materials available to keep products untouched.

Size – Though flexible packages are most seen in the smaller sizes, it is important to recognize their importance in larger scales as well.  No matter what size your product is flexible packaging is always an option.

Optional Features – When using flexible packaging, the optional features are what make them such a successful material to use in product packages.  To keep product fresh and liquid beverages from spilling optional features are added to flexible packages.  Zippers, seals, spouts and more are features that attract manufacturers to using flexible packages.  It also makes it so that these products can be reused and sealed for later.  Optional features make flexible packaging more convenient and easy to use.

The marketing mix is made up of a number of different elements including product packaging and labeling.  Make the most of your mix and choose flexible packaging for all the benefits it brings to the table.

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Persuade Consumers Using Shrink Sleeve Labeling

In order for your product to succeed in the market today it is crucial to have a product label that ensures it stands out amongst the competition.  The label on your product, when designed properly, will influence consumers buying decision.  Labeling is a crucial part of any marketing mix.  It is necessary that the right material is chosen for your label in order to maximize the success of your venture.

There are a variety of materials to choose from in labeling; one of the best being shrink sleeves.  What is important, when selecting a material to use in your products labeling is that you focus on the option that comes with the most benefits.  When you are able to see the benefits in the material you have chosen for your products label you can easily guarantee your satisfaction.

To understand the multitude of benefits offered with shrink sleeves we will discuss some of the stand outs below.

Affordable Material: In business we are always looking to save a few dollars where we can.  We try to do this in ways that will not sacrifice the customer experience.  Labeling with shrink sleeves is one way in which manufacturers can accomplish this.  Shrink sleeves are made from affordable materials without forgoing quality.  Not only is the material used in shrink sleeve labeling affordable it is also the best option for product recognition.

Visual Impact: Shrink sleeves offer a great deal when it comes to design options.  With the three hundred and sixty degree space you can ensure that your product is displaying the image you wish to portray from all sides.  Shrink sleeve technology allows products of various shapes and sizes to achieve the most visual appeal possible in labeling.   Shrink sleeves offer unlimited options in color, texture and design making it preferred label method amongst product manufacturers.  Consumers as well visually enjoy the look and feel as well as the security offered with the use of shrink sleeve labeling.

Environmental Footprint: Another benefit that make shrink sleeve labels a good choice is that they can be used without causing harm to the environment.  The material that shrink sleeves are created from is biodegradable and will leave the smallest footprint on our environment.  You can achieve maximum results with your marketing mix without affecting the natural order of the environment.

Although labeling is one of the most basic components of your product it is important and should be designed effectively using a material that mutually benefits the manufacturer and the consumer.  Shrink sleeve labeling provides a number of benefits while being a material that is reliable, affordable, visually appealing and less harmful to our environment than other options in product labeling.

At Anchor Printing, we take pride in offering our clients cut & stack labeling, pressure sensitive labels, roll-fed labeling, shrink sleeves as well as flexible packaging options. Contact us today at for all of your product label design, printing and packaging needs.

Use Shrink Sleeve Labeling To Attract Customers

Shrink sleeve labeling is a marketing tactic that many product manufactures have already turned to.  When walking into any grocery store you will see how prominent shrink sleeve labeling is with a number of different products. Take note the next time you go into a store; check out the variety of products that use shrink sleeve labeling.

The trend of shrink sleeves has become such a popular option in marketing because of the many benefits it provides to both marketers and consumers.

One of the most obvious benefits that come with shrink sleeve labeling is the ability for it to take on the same shape as any product.  Irregularly shaped products are easily labeled with shrink sleeve.  They take away the headaches that are encountered with packaging, shipping and of course labeling.  Greater efficiency comes along with the use of shrink sleeves.

Another major benefit of shrink sleeves is that they are tamper proof.  Shrink sleeves cover the entire product.  The sleeve conforms to the shape or the product and is designed to cover the entire product.  This is so important when it comes to the beverage and pharmaceutical industries but of course applies across the board.

Shrink sleeve labeling offers one hundred percent visibility.  This is unheard of in standard labeling in which only the front of the label is used for marketing.  The sides and back portion often are left for ingredient lists, UPC labels and other product information that is not necessarily important in the marketing of your product.  With shrink sleeve labeling important details and marketing information can be seen from all angels because of the three hundred and sixty degree radius shrink sleeve marketing offers products.

A great deal of variety is available when it comes to the versatility the shrink sleeves offer in labeling.   Shrink sleeves can be designed with a variety of affects including metallic, pearlescent and thematic to create a variety of effects on the labels that are printed for you.  Your ideas will not be difficult to manufacture when you use shrink sleeve labeling.

Another benefit that comes with shrink sleeves is how affordable they are in comparison to the benefits derived from labeling.  Shrink sleeves offer increased visibility using only a thin sheet of plastic film.

Labeling that uses the option of shrink sleeves will guarantee you a numerous number of advantages over other types of labeling.  Increased marketing, along with numerous other benefits make the advantages of shrink sleeve labeling a clear choice.

At Anchor Printing, we take pride in offering our clients cut & stack labeling, pressure sensitive labels, roll-fed labeling, shrink sleeves as well as flexible packaging options. Contact us today at for all of your product label design, printing and packaging needs.