Industry Updates – Zip-Pak: Resealable flexible packaging innovations

Zip-Pak’s two new resealable flexible packaging innovations include PresSure Lok – which provides improved consumer convenience for liquid products such as shampoo, detergent, beverages and condiments, and Fragrance-Zip – which offers a unique zipper closure solution designed to emit a customized aroma upon initial and subsequent openings of a flexible resealable package.

PresSure Lok features Controlled-Chamber Technology which delivers a unique all-in-one solution that combines a flexible pouch with a flexible and self-contained fitment, eliminating the need for a separate dispensing component. The user simply squeezes the flexible pouch to open the seal, allowing liquid product to flow into the dispensing chamber. The package then automatically reseals itself for future use. This proprietary sealing mechanism is designed to allow the flexible package to lie on its side, or even upside down, without unintentional dispensing.

Consumers benefit from the light weight, easy-to-use package that offers controlled product dispensing. Sustainability goals are achieved through the use of far less materials required for production and transportation in comparison to rigid packaging. Marketers benefit from a brand differentiating product delivery system, as well as the high-impact graphics made possible with flexible packaging.

Fragrance-Zip, the latest in the company’s portfolio of Sensory Feedback Fasteners, is a new zipper closure solution: the scent is embedded in the reclosure during the manufacturing process. By working in close partnership with several fragrance companies, Zip-Pak can duplicate virtually any desired aroma, enabling a package to replicate a desired scent whenever opened. This versatile fragrance option can be incorporated into any style of resealable Zip-Pak closure.

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