Marketing Benefits of Shrink Sleeve Labeling

Effective marketing is what sells your product.  From small business to large corporations, millions of dollars is spent on marketing your company’s product to consumers.  One of the most successful ways a company can do this is through their company’s label.  Attaching pieces of your marketing plan directly to your product using shrink sleeve labels is a popular option today.

Shrink sleeves are a popular type of labeling option is because it offers a three hundred and sixty degree space to market your product.  This is three hundred and sixty degrees of space to design, print and place valuable product information.  The benefits that are had with shrink sleeve marketing is part of the reason you see soda bottles, laundry detergent, shampoos and more using this popular technology for labeling.

If you are looking for a label option that will fit over any product no matter the shape or size, shrink sleeves is your best choice.  Literally any shape, even princess shaped bubble bath can be covered using shrink sleeve labels.  Finding a quality manufacturer to create your label is important as well.  You want to make sure that the label when applied fits properly and that quality graphics are used to create the design.  The quality of your label will vary a great deal between vendors so choose wisely.

Another benefit that shrink sleeves offer to both producers and consumers is that it is environmentally friendly.  You will find that often shrink sleeves are partially made from recyclable materials and are recyclable themselves.

The color of the container is not important with shrink sleeves.  Whether you choose to use a colored bottle and a clear shrink sleeve or a clear bottle and colored shrink sleeve the contents of the product will be visible.

If your company or brand offers contests or likes to give away free samples with their products shrink sleeves are a widely used option.  The material used in shrink sleeves make it easy for the label to be tore off and turned in for a prize or discount.  Free samples are easily enclosed within the packaging because of the flexibility and stretch of the materials used.

One of the best benefits for producers and consumers is the cost savings.  It allows producers to offer their products at a lower cost, saving consumers money, while maintaining the level of profits needed to continue offering a successful product line.  Shrink sleeves have so many benefits over other options in labeling.  They offer protection, cost savings and a lot of room to market the benefits of your company’s products.

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Make A Fabulous First Impression With Your Products Label

The first contact your customer has with your brand is the product label.  Their very first impression of your brand and product will come from what is designed and written on the label.  Your label is the face of your product and triggers loyalty to your brand.  When faced with the myriad of competitors your label will trigger their loyalty, reminding them of their previous purchase and the enjoyment that came with it.

Each person that buys your product will have an interaction with your label.  Some products are filled with information while others are detailed works of art and others practically disappear.  Your label will depend on the industry you’re are, your product and the packaging of the product.  Labels remain important to marketers as they are the visual and physical link between your product and consumers.

As a label design is being considered it is crucial that marketers take into consideration that fifty three percent of super market purchases are made based on consumer impulses.  Your label acts as your product salesperson.  The label shares information on the contents of the package; it tells consumers exactly what they are getting for spending their hard earned money on your product.

Every type of label available offers something unique to your product.  Shrink sleeves for instance are super cost effective.  Shrink sleeves are often used in industries where colored bottles were popular.  Colored bottles are costly and drive the expense of your product upward.  What is being done is that clear bottles are being used which are less expensive and then wrapped with colored shrink sleeve labels to give the appearance of a colored bottle.  You achieve the same look without the added cost of the colored containers.

Another benefit of with shrink sleeve labeling is that is provides tamper proof protection for your product.  This takes away the extra expense that comes along with providing neckbands along with a product label.  Shrink sleeves do both jobs. The shrink sleeve label also protects your product against any damage that can occur during shipping.  The wrap itself protects the product against damage and is resistant to sweat and moisture that can occur throughout the shipping process.

Shrink sleeves are one label option.  They are incredibly popular to marketers for the many benefits that they provide over more traditional labeling options.  Your product will always look sleek, high end and have a uniform appearance with the use of shrink sleeve labels.

Shrink sleeve labels offer three hundred and sixty degrees of room to design on.  This is a marketers dream.  There is plenty of room for both artistic expression and important product information.  When designing your label be sure to consider shrink sleeves to maximize your products shelf impact.

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Tips On Color and Font In Product Labels

Your product can be simply amazing but without a remarkable label people won’t choose yours over the competition.  The product label is a critical piece of the marketing puzzle.  When it comes to the design and creation of a label for your product the sky’s the limit.  There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing your products label.  With the right guidelines in place you will have a label that properly shows off your product and that has it flying off the shelf.

Consider the colors of your product label carefully.  The colors are significant in the appeal of your product.  Here are a few tips as you choose colors to use within your label design.

The color of the product itself and the products packaging should be considered.  The desire in label design is to enhance the product.  You want to choose colors that enhance the product and packaging.

Choose a color combination that will stand out in the midst of the competition.

Take time to understand the guidelines that are in place for your product.  You will need to look at industry regulations and apply them to the label in a way that will not distract from the overall design.  There are certain regulations that are put in place to keep consumers safe and therefore policies that need to be considered.

Look at the consumers you are targeting as this can affect the colors you choose.   Certain shades and tones within color groups are associated with products that are high end.  If you are targeting small children high end tones are not a proper choice for obvious reasons.

Consider the font that you would like to use on your products label.  The font is essential to assure that your label is able to be read properly.  Here are some tips to consider when it comes to font in label design.

Fonts should be carefully chosen.  A traditional font won’t stand out and therefore should be used carefully.  Use traditional font for label requirements such as UPC codes, ingredient lists and such.

It is critical that you don’t use too many fonts on your product label.  Too many fonts cause confusion and take away from the overall design of the label.

Choose a font that reflects the brand but sets your product apart from others in the arena.  If you use a certain font for marketing your brand consider making it apart of your label.

If a font is not already set in place for your brand take into consideration the personality that you wish to present.  Remember that this is what people will identify your product with so choose one that is representative of the image you want.

Make sure the font is clearly visible not only up close but also from a distance.

These are just a few guidelines to help you on your way to perfect product label.

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